Here are some examples of recent work for you to look at. You can see more of each media by clicking on the pictures or the relevant sub-headings on the left.

My work utilises four different medias which inevitably produces four very different syles of working, each one more or less suitable for the range of subject matter I undertake.



Courtmacsherry, S. Ireland - Pen and Ink

The pen and ink pictures are done on location, recording things observed and sharpening up hand-and eye coordination; excercises have always been important in the production of art!


I use a selection of filled calligraphy pens, with chisel heads, which I find suit the different pressures that drawing demands when recording on a range of papers.


I like to use a variety of sizes of paper, from the very small and intimate diary-size through to A4 or larger. To enable the pen nib to achieve a fine-line I enjoy using watercolour or hot-press papers. Occasionally ink is combined with a simple white or grey chalk so that light or clouds can also be recorded. 


The joy of this way of working is that you can sit or stand almost anywhere - despite occasional cramps or sore ankles - and achieve something!

Detail of 'Winter Trees at Syleham' - Pastel

Chalk pastels are an extension of drawing techniques, wonderfully economical I find them easier to handle than conventional watercolour paints. I find they have a brilliance, especially when working on a coloured ground, wholly in keeping with the need to be very selective over what actually gets recorded.



Detail of 'Angel at Syleham' - Oil

My oil paintings are largely, but not entirely, studio-based. The slow emergence of ideas and their relationship to poetry or biblical text is part of the intense process that accompanies this method of working. I would not be exaggerating to say that this is where "painting" and " praying" can meet.


Sometimes the paintings contain a sequence of ideas drawn from the natrural world around me. I live on the edge of a village and look out over fields and into a neighbouring wood. As the work grows some are able to express concepts more akin to biblical narrative or scripture's stories. I like to think of them becoming similar pictures to those stations painted by artists for the church to use in Holy Week. Completed during 2011 my series of six paintings entitled "Returning Journeys", is based on encounters certain biblical characters had with the divine voice or impulse but which I have set into our own contemporary landscape at different seasons of the year.


I have produced a further of set of paintings based on the Post-Resurrection appearance of Christ written in St John's Gospel, chapter 21. Entitled "Looking into Glory" they formed a key part of my last Exhibition at Wingfield Barns, Suffolk in June.

Detail of 'Shoreline at Southwold' - Gouache

The gouache paintings are also the product of studio-time, with reference to sketches and photographs of a particular location which I will have visited.


Their style incorporates an initial picture frame which is then stretched beyond its conventional perspective having added to it a number of details and magnifications. It's sometimes referred to as "wrapping up a view", or "pulling into view" things outside and beyond our everyday vision. I find people enjoy the little boxes and reading them in order to more fully grasp the whole.


Sometimes these paintings are conceived alongside my writing poetry which you can read in the POETRY section of my website.